Dog washing- Wash Daze

Simon Denby

Great location, modern machines and very user friendly.
Change machine and laundry powder and fabric softener available.
90% of the machines have payWave availability.
Tables and chairs while you wait.

Judy Scharf

Excellent laundromat, however, I’ve not given it 5 stars because it’s expensive. I’ve used the same machines in Melbourne for $3 less per wash. Else, clean, convenient, has cash dispenser, takes credit card.

Lance Muir

Neat and tidy laundromat. Nice new dryers. Do a good job. Having recently arrived from Melbourne, find the prices a lot more expensive. In Melbourne $1 buys you about 9 mins drying time, here only 5 mins….

Nikole B.

Nice Facilities, clean and not to expencive. You can Chance money or pay with card, thats nice. πŸ™‚


Top place to do the laundry, grab a coffee from next door and 24mins relax time.

Might need to invest in a ceiling fan, a little hot in here πŸ‘ Have noticed a fan has been installed, 10 out of 10 awesome, and now have a dog wash. Keeps getting better πŸ’―πŸ‘

Andrew Ochiltree

What a surprise! Hadn’t been to a laundromat for years.
Clean and new cannot be faulted.
Payment options.

John Walker

Very helpful and friendly for some happy tourists.

Lisa Perez

Clean and great location. Love this laundromat.

Janna Archer

Clean laundry services πŸ™‚ a little more expensive then I expected but otherwise good.

Debbi Ferrie

Convenience! I can get my shopping done while the clothes are being washed. Also it is very clean.

Tania Bronson

Here in Canberra at the nationals touch football tournament. Had to make a quick dash to wash uniforms and dry it. Great facilities very clean and tidy, defiantly recommend.

Dave Kilner

Very clean and easy to use the machines

Ross Graham

We are the proud owners🀩